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A CSS profile (College Scholarship Service Profile) or financial aid profile is a type of application that allows students to apply for financial aid. The CSS profile is a service that belongs to the College Board, which is a national, non-profit organization that allows more and more students to have the ability of achieving success via the financial aiding of scholarships.

The profile is a fee-based financial aid application, but many people will find that they may qualify for a fee waiver upon completing the information on the financial aid forms. Fees for the application can range anywhere from $9.00 to $16.00 depending on the college it’s submitted to. Low-income, first-time applicants and applicants with low asset families generally qualify for a fee waiver.


The particular deadline for submitting a CSS Profile financial aid form will vary from school to school. You will be able to determine what the deadline date is by visiting the website or calling your particular school and speaking with their financial aid department. The application can be submitted at the earliest on the fall of the student’s senior year and it can be submitted at the very latest, 14 days prior to the filing date of your schools specific required date.

To begin filing a CSS profile, you must register. Here you will list the numbers of your colleges, pay the required fee and answer a questionnaire that covers a broad range of topics. Depending on what information is gathered during the questionnaire, your profile items will personalized to offer the colleges with the adequate information to assist you. You will be able to complete this information either online or over a telephone.

Once you have completed your registration you can then proceed to finish your profile application. You may do this either online or by filling out a paper form. It is recommended that you gather a list of information concerning salaries, income taxes, property values etc. Once you’ve completed the application you will then receive an acknowledgment that will show you a summary of your profile information.

Completing the CSS Profile is a great way to gather financial aid so you can attend the college of your choice. The application process is relatively simple and you shouldn’t have much trouble completing it. However, if you do need some assistance in completing your application, the financial aid department of your college will likely be able to give you information that will ease the process further.

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