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What Does CSS Profile Stand For?

The CSS Profile stands for College Scholarship Service and it is administered by the College Board. The college board is a service that is not-for-profit that helps students connect with colleges. They administer the SAT and the PSAT tests. You can get a ton of information about them on their website. 

CSS Scholarship

Financial aid for college can be a long and confusing process for students and parents. There are several types of aid that a student can be eligible for, both federal aid and other aid. There are two main applications that a student must fill out each year to be considered for college financial aid, the […]

Cost of CSS Profile

The CSS Profile does cost to fill out and submit to colleges and universities. To fill out the profile application and send it to one institution you are going to pay $25. If you want to send it to additional colleges and universities, it is $16 for each additional college you want it sent to. 

CSS Profile Payment Codes

The CSS PROFILE does require a nominal fee be paid in order to be reviewed. According to The College Board, the fee for 2013-2014 is $25. Additional reports to be sent to additional colleges are available for $16 per report. This fee may vary according to the institution receiving the CSS PROFILE.

CSS Profile Instructions and Tips

The CSS PROFILE is usually due much earlier than other financial aid applications. If the student is filing for early action or early decision they must file by November 15 of the year before they wish to attend. Regular admission students must file by February 1 of the year they wish to attend. Be sure […]

CSS Profile Help

Help is available in many forms to complete the CSS PROFILE. One of the best ways to find help is to contact the financial aid office of the college the student wishes to attend. The student can make it clear that they are looking for help to fill out the application. The office may have […]

CSS Profile Corrections

Since the profile is a very lengthy application, it is common for students to make a mistake on one or more questions and then need to make small corrections to the application. Knowing how to fix the mistake(s) on the application will ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. 

CollegeBoard CSS Profile

The College Board College Scholarship Service (CSS) PROFILE is an online application provided by The College Board and used by those wishing to apply for financial aid at over 350 private colleges and universities in the United States. The application helps college applicants save time in their financial aid search by collecting information on scholarships […]

CSS Profile Printable Application

The CSS Profile is a application and information sheet that some schools require students to file to be eligible for school based aid. This is not to be mistaken for the FAFSA, which is an entirely separate application for federal funds only. There is no printable CSS Profile form or application. The form must be […]

CSS Profile Fee Waiver

Learn more about getting a fee waiver for the CSS Profile Unlike the FAFSA, the CSS Profile application has fee involved when it is submitted to schools. The current fees for the profile are a $25 application fee and $16 for each school you are sending it to. The fees cover the cost of your […]

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