Cost of CSS Profile

The CSS Profile does cost to fill out and submit to colleges and universities. To fill out the profile application and send it to one institution you are going to pay $25. If you want to send it to additional colleges and universities, it is $16 for each additional college you want it sent to. 

The process of getting your CSS Profile to the places you want it sent to is to start by creating an account at the collegeboard website. Once you have your account created you are going to start to fill out your application. You need several pieces of financial information before you start so please make sure that you have your:

  • Your most recent tax returns for you and your parents
  • Your current bank statements for all accounts that your name is on
  • Any record of untaxed income
  • If you own a house or your parents own a house, the mortgage information for the property
  • Any W-2 information that you have.

If you are a low income student and it is the first time you are fill out the CSS Profile Application, you might be eligible for a fee waiver so you do not have to pay for the submission of you application. You can find out if you are eligible when you are doing the application. In addition, you can ask your financial aid office at your school or your high school guidance counselor if they have any profile fee waiver codes.

You are going to want to fill out and submit your profile application at least 2 weeks before the deadline. You can find out the deadline by talking directly to the financial aid office of the school that you plan on attending.

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