CSS Profile Corrections

Since the profile is a very lengthy application, it is common for students to make a mistake on one or more questions and then need to make small corrections to the application. Knowing how to fix the mistake(s) on the application will ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. 

Sometimes a student may find they must make corrections to their CSS PROFILE. Unfortunately, there is no way to make electronic changes to the CSS PROFILE. However, some institutions may accept corrections in another format. The best choice of action is for the student to contact the financial aid office of the college they’ve applying to find out how to make corrections. This needs to be done as quickly as possible so the application process can continue with minimal interruptions.

Accepting corrections can vary depending on the institution to which the student has applied. They may require the student to print their application, make changes on paper, then mail, email, or fax the corrected version of the CCS PROFILE to the financial aid office. Some may require an in-person interview. Whatever the requirement may be, it is extremely vital for the student to carefully follow the instructions. Most schools are working on a deadline and give out aid based on when correct applications are completed so it is in the best financial interest of the student to make corrections to the css profile as soon as they are noticed.

Sometimes if the mistakes are minor the college won’t require the student to send in any changes. However, the student still needs to make contact with the financial aid office to find out what they should do. Some institutions may not accept corrections in any form. The best the student can do is alert the college to the mistake. It is more important to be honest rather than not acknowledge the mistake.

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