CSS Profile Deadline

CSS Profile Deadlines

The College Scholarship Services Profile application, otherwise known as the CSS Profile, is a financial aid application required by some schools to determine your eligibility for some types of financial aid for college.  This is not the FAFSA, which is a separate application for federal funds.

The CSS Profile is different as it is made available about 3 months before the FAFSA so the school can see your financial information to determine aid packages for people who are asking for early admission. Not all colleges and universities require this application and there are also some specific scholarship programs that require the CSS Profile.

Since there are many different schools and programs that require this form, there is not one set deadline to submit the application. Each school and program could, and probably does have a different deadline to get the application submitted. When you do submit the application it is time stamped with the current time in the eastern time zone so if you are a procrastinator and working on the application at the last minute, remember that if the school you are applying for has a deadline of January 1st and it is 10pm in California, you have missed the deadline.

Getting the CSS Profile application submitted before the deadline is very important as you might miss out on a ton of free financial aid for school. Schools do not use the profile to determine eligibility for federal aid, which is what the FAFSA is for. They use it to determine your eligibility for school based aid and other scholarships.

If you are applying to several schools, you need to get in your application submitted in time to the place with the earliest deadline. There are scholarships that also use this form so the best advice is to personally call all the places that you are applying that require this profile form and ask them what the deadline is so you are sure you do not miss a deadline and get the most aid you are eligible for.

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