CSS Profile Fee Waiver

Learn more about getting a fee waiver for the CSS Profile

Unlike the FAFSA, the CSS Profile application has fee involved when it is submitted to schools. The current fees for the profile are a $25 application fee and $16 for each school you are sending it to. The fees cover the cost of your application, the processing of the application and the initial $25 includes sending it to one school.

You may be eligible for a fee waiver if your family has few assets. You are not charged for your css profile application until the end of the process, so if you are eligible for a fee waiver from the Collegeboard, it will be shown on your payment page. If you are eligible for the waiver, you will not have to pay for the application and having it sent to up to six schools. The eligibility cutoff for getting a fee waiver is that your family’s assets must be under about $33,000. The vast majority of students who are filling out the CSS Profile application are not going to be eligible for a fee waiver.

There are some select schools and programs that offer students special codes they can enter at the end of the application to get the fee waived for that particular school or program. You can only use up to six codes of the application. You would need to contact the financial office at the school you are planning on attending to see if they participate in giving out fee codes for the application. Schools might have limited codes available so it is advantageous to talk to the schools you plan to apply to as soon as possible to see if they can give you a code so you do not have to pay the $16. Even if you have codes for the schools, unless you get the waiver for having little assets, you will still have to pay the $25 fee from CollegeBoard.

The schools that do give out fee waiver codes do require you to fill out additional paperwork to receive the code to enter in the online application. The additional paperwork is usually just a one page request that you must mail or fax into the financial aid office.

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