CSS Profile Help

Help is available in many forms to complete the CSS PROFILE. One of the best ways to find help is to contact the financial aid office of the college the student wishes to attend. The student can make it clear that they are looking for help to fill out the application. The office may have persons the student can contact or references the student can use. Some schools offer a financial aid night at the school and have several professionals on hand to help students fill out all their financial aid application. 

Community colleges in the student’s area may offer classes or meetings about how to fill out the CSS PROFILE. If information concerning this may be online at the community college’s website. It may also behoove the student to call the college’s administrator office to ask about such classes or meetings. If the student is still in high school, many high school counselors can help fill out the application. If they can’t help fill out the form, then they may have resources the student can use.

Many online forums and websites have ideas and tips for students who are applying for financial aid. However, be sure to research any website’s origins and verify any tips with the Better Business Bureau or other reliable resources. The best websites and forums are going to be those that are connected to a college or financial aid institution. The CSS Profile is run by a private company called the college board. They also have vast resources available to student who need help. You can call them at 305-829-9793

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