CSS Profile Payment Codes

The CSS PROFILE does require a nominal fee be paid in order to be reviewed. According to The College Board, the fee for 2013-2014 is $25. Additional reports to be sent to additional colleges are available for $16 per report. This fee may vary according to the institution receiving the CSS PROFILE.

There are several schools and institutions that give students special codes to enter into the application so the student does nto have to pay for it to be sent to that school. Schools do not usually give these codes to everyone and you must contact to the school to see if you are eligible for getting a code.

Some students are eligible for a waiver of the fee. U.S. citizens or eligible noncitizens and first-time students from families with low incomes and/or limited assets may receive fee waivers. International students are not eligible for waivers. The fee waiver process is fully automated in order to streamline the situation to help as many students as possible. The College Board provides more information on how to receive a fee waiver at this link. http://professionals.collegeboard.com/profdownload/PROFILE_fees.pdf 

It is also required to include the payment code for the college to which the student will apply. The payment code dictates which college the student is applying to and also helps determine if the student will receive a fee waiver. A complete list of colleges that accept the css profile including the college’s payment codes can be found at this link from The College Board. https://profileonline.collegeboard.org/prf/VignetteServlet/VignetteServlet.srv?relativePath=/profile/pdfs/1314_profile_regist_guide.pdf

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