CSS Profile Printable Application

The CSS Profile is a application and information sheet that some schools require students to file to be eligible for school based aid. This is not to be mistaken for the FAFSA, which is an entirely separate application for federal funds only.

There is no printable CSS Profile form or application. The form must be done online at the profile website. There is a printable CSS profile pre-application worksheet that you are able to print out after you have registered for an account and filled out some basic information.

The CSS Profile is a complicated in-depth application that is used by some private schools and universities to determine eligibility for school based aid. It is mostly used by students who are asking for early admission as the school needs family financial data before the FAFSA is made available in January. The Profile is made available in October each year.

The CSS Profile printable application worksheet will  allow students to gather all required information for the online application so they do not have to stop in the middle of doing the online application to go find other financial information. It is very important that you gather all the financial information you need before going online in case you lose the online application or there is a power outage and you lose your internet.

You can see the questions that will be asked by viewing the CSS Profile Pre-Application Worksheet.

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