CSS Scholarship

Financial aid for college can be a long and confusing process for students and parents. There are several types of aid that a student can be eligible for, both federal aid and other aid. There are two main applications that a student must fill out each year to be considered for college financial aid, the FAFSA and the CSS Profile. The FAFSA is the big application for federal aid and the CSS Profile is for other types of aid including school based aid and some scholarships. 

Not all schools require you to fill out the CSS Profile so make sure that you check to see if your school does. There are several scholarship organizations that require you to fill out the profile to be eligible for their scholarship. Mostly it is scholarships that are need based that would require you to file the profile application because the profile uses the students and the parent’s financial information to find out if there is eligibility.

The CSS Proflie is not a scholarship per se, but an application that determines financial need for scholarships and aid. The profile goes into much more depth into family finances than the FAFSA does and that is why some schools and scholarships require it to determine your eligibility.

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