What Does CSS Profile Stand For?

The CSS Profile stands for College Scholarship Service and it is administered by the College Board. The college board is a service that is not-for-profit that helps students connect with colleges. They administer the SAT and the PSAT tests. You can get a ton of information about them on their website

The college board does NOT offer any scholarships contrary to the scholarship in their name though. There are some scholarships that will require you to fill out the CSS Profile application though. The profile is a FAFSA-like application that asks for tons of financial information from the student and the parent. It asks for more in-depth information than the FAFSA and will tkae you a lot longer to fill it out than the FAFSA. When filling out the profile you will need:

  • Your most recent federal tax forms for the student and the parent(s)
  • W-2 forms and 1099 forms for the most recent tax year
  • Any information about untaxed income for all parties. This would be things like babysitting money or money you earn from odd jobs.
  • Your most current bank statement.
  • Your most current home mortgage information
  • All information about your bank accounts

Remember that you need to set aside a few hours to get everything together and to do the application online. Also remember that there are fees associated with the profile application.

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