What does the CSS Profile Cover

What’s Covered in the CSS Profile Application?

Finding the money for college is never easy; when you need financial aid, it’s nice to have the help that you require. The CSS profile application is just such a tool. With this application, you can instantly submit your financial aid application to as many schools as you want (provided they require the CSS profile). So, what can you expect to find on the CSS profile application?

The application, itself is a financial questionnaire geared towards allowing members of the College Board to have a closer look at your finances and the financial situation of your parents. The application should be completed with your parents, well ahead of the enrollment year. This tool is used by colleges and universities to determine financial aid awards, prior to the release of the FASFA, which becomes available in January. Generally, the application must be submitted to the College Board prior to October 1st.

Information is gathered about both parents on the application. If you parents are divorced, you should provide information about the one you lived with most during the past year or the one who contributed the most financially to you. If there is a stepparent involved, they must be included in the application questions for parents.

There are quite a few questions involving your parents, such as the state of their current tax filings, whether they own businesses, housing situations and much more, so it is very important that they are present to fill out the application with you. Their answers are just as important as the questions directed towards you, the student.

Prior to your application, you will have to complete the registration process. This should also be done in the presence of your parents, as there are several questions that pertain to them. The registration is usually brief. If you submit your registration online, you can immediately access the application portion without having to wait for approval.

In addition, the CSS profile application that you fill out is personalized for you through your registration, so it is very important that each question is answered accurately in order to eliminate useless or inaccurate questions on the application form itself. The application, once completed, will be time stamped by the College Board so that potential colleges and universities will know that the application was submitted in a timely manner, ahead of their deadline or cutoff date.

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